We offer you products that are modern, aesthetic looking and suitable for your interior
İNTER OFİS was established in the year of 1993 and till today it has been realizing retail of office furniture to Azerbaijan and other CIS countries. Our company has been functioning in the local market and now it exports products to Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Head office of he company is located in the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku city. Retail of products is carried out by İNTER OFİS chain of several office furniture shops functioning in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan.

Different office furniture categories
Our company started running a business by delivering its products economy class. Quality, price and design together have been appreciated by vast majority of people in Azerbaijan. For long years we offered only high quality products with affordable prices. This resulted in the leadership of İNTER OFİS among competitors. It has grown business and today in addition to economy class, it has started to work for premium class. It let us to make progress and bring office furniture models of famous international brands to our customers. Now you have a chance to buy office furniture for your delight an budget as well. Here you can find products such as office furniture, office tables, VIP office furniture, furniture for heads, staff and conference rooms.

Partnership with us
When you decide to buy high quality furniture with affordable price, then call us. What do we offer? Our offering is high quality furniture with low cost. Additionally, you will find a partner with experience for 20 years in this sphere.